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Trane Rooftop Units In Marysville, WA

Trane Rooftop Units in Marysville, Everett, Lake Stevens, WA and Surrounding Areas

One of the essentials that one should keep in mind while purchasing or re-constructing the commercial space is the ventilation and cooling of the building. A poor atmosphere can lead to productivity issues that can harm the business.

According to the experts, the requirements of a commercial building are different from a residential one. Our experts suggest you go for rooftop units if you are looking for HVAC solutions for a small-medium-sized building.

Investing in a rooftop air conditioning system can be a good option for those who like to sit outdoors comfortably. Rooftop AC gives your space a beautiful and relaxed aesthetic. Trane rooftop units are a good option for first-time buyers. Contact us today for trane rooftop units in Marysville, Everett, Lake Stevens, WA, and surrounding areas.

Reasons Why Rooftop Units Are The Best Option For Small-Medium Sized Commercial Buildings

A rooftop unit comprises all the heating and cooling components in one compact box. It is a packaged system with no indoor or outdoor units. Here are some advantages of installing a rooftop HVAC system:

  • More space: Rooftop units help conserve space and optimally use the interior and exterior area for your business. These units are installed on the roof and will not create a mess indoors.
  • Less noise: Since the rooftop units are on the roof, you can barely hear the disturbing noise of the HVAC units.
  • Easy maintenance: Rooftop units are the best options if you want a unit that can be easily maintained and installed. The technician quickly performs the service as all the components are in one place.

Trane offers a great variety of rooftop units with outstanding features. Trane is one of the world’s leading HVAC manufacturing companies that delivers energy-efficient and high-tech HVAC solutions.

Benefits You Get By Investing In Trane Rooftop Units

  • High EER and IEER ratings ensure supreme comfort and energy savings at the same time.
  • Rooftop units can be automated for enhanced monitoring and optimized performance.
  • Flexible and customizable Trane rooftop units are available according to your needs. Rooftop units of size 2 – 162 tons are available.
  • Durable and quality components backed with Trane’s warranty.
  • The outdoor AC unit will not block or ruin the aesthetics of your backyard.
  • You do not have to deal with the loud and disturbing noises produced during AC operation.
  • External debris like foliage will not mess up the AC components or damage the unit’s structure.

Balance Point Cooling & Heating technicians are here to offer affordable and energy-efficient HVAC solutions for your commercial property. Call (425) 508-0124 and schedule an appointment today!

Disadvantages Of The Rooftop Air Conditioning Unit

  • Delays and issues in the detection of repairs
  • Additional maintenance and protection

Things To Consider Before Installing A Rooftop Air Conditioning System

According to the experts, here are some things that you should consider before installing the rooftop system:

  • Climate: Rooftop air conditioning systems require more maintenance and protection if you live in a region that receives extreme sunlight and intense storms.
  • Maintenance: Maintaining a rooftop unit at the roof is a little tougher than an AC unit installed in the yard.
  • Available backyard space: Rooftop air conditioning systems are perfect for homes that do not have ample backyard space.
  • Location of the indoor AC system: You can connect the indoor and outdoor AC units with the help of hoses and wires if the indoor unit is installed down in the attic.

How Much Does A Rooftop Unit Cost?

A trane rooftop unit can cost around $5,000-$11,000. Here are some features of Trane Rooftop units if you are thinking of installing one:

  • Highly energy-efficient unit.
  • You can easily connect AC systems to smart home systems for maintenance and performance optimization.
  • You can customize the design by adding premium features and accessories.


At Balance Point Cooling & Heating, you will get world-class deals on the rooftop units. Our expert and skilled technicians will help you choose the right system and install it precisely at your location. Contact us today.

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