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Trane Rooftop Units In Marysville, WA

Trane Rooftop Units in Marysville, Everett, Lake Stevens, WA and Surrounding Areas

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Investing in a rooftop air conditioning system can be a good option for those who like to sit outdoors comfortably. Rooftop AC gives your space a beautiful and relaxed aesthetic. Trane rooftop units are a good option for first-time buyers. Contact us today for trane rooftop units in Marysville, Everett, Lake Stevens, WA, and surrounding areas.

Advantages Of A Rooftop Air Conditioning System

  • The outdoor AC unit will not block or ruin the aesthetics of your backyard.
  • You do not have to deal with the loud and disturbing noises produced during AC operation.
  • External debris like foliage will not mess up the AC components or damage the unit’s structure.

Disadvantages Of The Rooftop Air Conditioning Unit

  • Delays and issues in the detection of repairs
  • Additional maintenance and protection

Things To Consider Before Installing A Rooftop Air Conditioning System

According to the experts, here are some things that you should consider before installing the rooftop system:

  • Climate: Rooftop air conditioning systems require more maintenance and protection if you live in a region that receives extreme sunlight and intense storms.
  • Maintenance: Maintaining a rooftop unit at the roof is a little tougher than an AC unit installed in the yard.
  • Available backyard space: Rooftop air conditioning systems are perfect for homes that do not have ample backyard space.
  • Location of the indoor AC system: You can connect the indoor and outdoor AC units with the help of hoses and wires if the indoor unit is installed down in the attic.

How Much Does A Rooftop Unit Cost?

A trane rooftop unit can cost around $5,000-$11,000. Here are some features of Trane Rooftop units if you are thinking of installing one:

  • Highly energy-efficient unit.
  • You can easily connect AC systems to smart home systems for maintenance and performance optimization.
  • You can customize the design by adding premium features and accessories.


At Balance Point Cooling & Heating, you will get world-class deals on the rooftop units. Our expert and skilled technicians will help you choose the right system and install it precisely at your location. Contact us today.

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