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Walk In Coolers In Marysville, WA

Walk In Coolers In Marysville, Everett, Lake Stevens, WA and Surrounding Areas

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As the name suggests, a walk-in cooler is a storage place to store raw products like vegetables, fruits, cheese, etc., that need to be refrigerated. They are industrial refrigerators with a storage space of 6’ and 6’, 8’ and 8’, 10’ and 10. It looks like a drawing room with shelves like the fridge and, with permission to regulate the storage temperature of -5 to – 20 degrees celsius. The panel of the walk-in cooler is of high density, 40 kg/m for insulation. Contact Us Today for Walk-In Coolers In Marysville, Everett, Lake Stevens, WA, and Surrounding Areas.

Wouldn’t it be a hassle if your walk-in cooler just stopped working all of a sudden? Similarly, it would be a bummer if your walk-in cooler is working but not at its maximum efficiency.

This is why you should get in touch with a trustworthy HVAC company that understands your needs.


  • Cost-Efficient
    Various industries like bars, pubs, pharmaceuticals, restaurants, warehouses, etc., require huge storage space. That is equivalent to about ten refrigerators. To keep them handy in storage won’t be very feasible. With the need, one requires large storage, water cooler sufficing that need is equivalent to the cost of 10 refrigerators.
  • Portability
    Imagine moving the refrigerator from one place to another because you are renovating your restaurant. That would be tough. An alternative for this is walk-in coolers which are very easy to dismantle.
  • Large Storage Space
    They have a large storage area with the capacity to store tonnes of goods.
  • Security
    High functioning water in coolers with advanced technology offers ways to prevent hazards from happening because of the gadgets. Some are heavy grade hinges inside door releases and deadlock door locks to control access when necessary.

Services of Walk-In Coolers

Though they are equivalent to refrigerators, there are some prerequisites required. Following are the points you need to know:

  • Switch off the light to stop heat from generating, and make sure you shut the door.
  • Twice a year, clean it with only soap and water because other liquids can be dangerous. Also, immediately clean up the spilled liquid and the coils because that could be dangerous.
  • Ensure that your wire connections are tight because loose connections can make them less efficient. Call a technician to do that.

Balance Point Cooling & Heating strongly believes in providing its customers with 100% satisfaction concerning our HVAC services related to Walk-in Coolers in Marysville, WA.

Hence, we offer all kinds of services related to walk-in coolers, such as maintenance, repair, servicing, and so on.

Contact Balance Point Cooling & Heating for walk-in cooler services at Marysville, Everett, Lake Stevens, WA, and surrounding areas.

Where Can One Find A Reliable HVAC Company In Marysville, WA?

You might find it tough to locate an HVAC company that is competent yet friendly. But, the good thing is that your search ends here! At Balance Point Cooling & Heating, we are always there to assist you with all concerns related to Walk-in Coolers in Marysville, WA.

What Makes Us The Ideal HVAC Choice?

Whenever you are looking for a trustworthy HVAC service provider, you might come upon numerous factors that would compel you to give our services a try!

Some of those factors are :

  • The Expertise: Having seen up-close several kinds of HVAC issues for more than a decade and a half, Balance Point Cooling & Heating is adept at resolving your HVAC issues.
  • The Team: Balance Point Cooling & Heating consists of professional staff members who have had extensive training in handling all aspects of HVAC requirements.
  • Best Prices: It is our humble belief that we must offer our services at the most reasonable prices. Thus, you can always count on us without holding back!
  • Residential as well as Commercial Services: It doesn’t make a difference if you are in the residential or commercial sector; we are here for all your HVAC needs.

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